Welcome to our blog and web site

Welcome to our blog and web site.

You have landed on a combined site that features pedigreed and new breed cats, miscellaneous information and family history for the Maxwells and Pughs.

Because of the problem of identity theft we have set the detailed recent family history sections for viewing by family member only.

There are two catteries included in this site UpperValley and Allpurrs.

Allpurrs has been involved with Maine Coon and Siberian breeding.

UpperValley is a development project to pick up what was left of the Tennessee Rex breed and work to have the breed recognized by the cat fancy. This breed is now in development in the US, Canada and Poland.

As the only principal working here with these projects I have taken on more than I could handle as an 85 year old retired Professional Engineer and have been prompted by my medical team at the Veterans Administration to adjourn all activity while recovering from several physical issues including recent surgery.

Because of the health issues we may have to relocate to a less harsh climate. I have ADJOURNED all breeding until late summer2017. By then we will have a better understanding of the future.

We still have Tennessee Rex (red curly hair) kittens for sale.

If anyone is interested in joining the Tennessee Rex development project please get in touch with me and I will place you in contact with our breed chairperson.

We have suspended ALL breeding until late summer 2017

Enjoy your visit and come back soon!


Gordon Pugh, PE
Michael Anderson, IT Adm.

Updated 1 APR 2016