The Pugh Clan History


In this section we will include our Grandfather Orry and his wife, the ancestors of Orry Pugh and history of the farm where his nine children were born. There's a lot of work to be done to get it properly set up. I'm counting on the cousins to input most of the history and will be editing it if something gets messed up as it is uploaded.

For now let's go back to previous generations.

A starting point is in the rolling hills of West Virginia in that sliver of the state that separates Ohio from Pennsylvania. As I understand it, there was a town called New Manchester not far from a trail that later became a US national highway, US 30. Our family traveled this road each time we returned from the US east coast to our family roots in western Illinois.

On one trip in the years following WW 2 an observant map reder in the car spotted something special -- Pughtown! We had to make a detour past the town and sure enough there was a sign along the road announcing the town. There was a Post Office and a few other businesses in this village that included a stream called Tomlinsons Run. There was also a grist mill evidently using the power from the stream to operate the mill.

The mill was operated by the Pugh family. There might have been more than one Pugh family living there. We're not sure but our roots go back to that town. The stream and mill area have now been preserved as a park and some of the original stones of the mill can still be found along the stream.

Pughtown remained until 1968 when the town decided to return to the original name of New Manchester.

If we go back further we find our tree passes through Wales and it is believed to then trace back to Belgium.

Now let's look at the couple that settled and farmed that homestead in Good Hope


Orry Pugh is thought to have been raised in a building on another part of this farm. The building was later moved behind the main house replacing the shed

Orry Seymor Pugh
b. about 1866 in Bardolph, IL
d. 5/28/1927 in Bardolph, IL

married about 1889

Mary Elizabeth Graham
b. 9/14/1866 in Macomb, IL
d. 9/26/1944 in Lee County IA

From the town of Pughtown our roots move west to Illinois and the town of Vermont. Today it is a small town in the west central part of the state about half way between Springfield, the state capital, and Burlington, Iowa, along the Mississippi River. It remains an agricultural part of the state. It is not very far south of the Orry Pugh homestead in Good Hope

The farm as it is today

Picture in the works

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