Interplex: Uppervalley Breeders And The Tennessee Rex, UpperValley Pippin

UpperValley Pippin
our sire

Pippin was born here at the UpperValley cattery in February, 2017. At first we planned to neuter him and offer him as a pet since the genes he carries are promulgated through siblings in the litter. Physically he appeared to possibly be sterile but on the day the appointment for neutering was made he presented himself as a whole male for the first time. One more reason to suspect that cats can not only understand us but can read our minds.

He has proven his capabilities with a dam half again as large as he is so we imported a very beautiful red with white Tennessee Rex gene carrier from British Colombia, Canada. He has also been successful with Angelique but we only had one kitten this litter. She may have had problems with the litter during the later stages. She has been terrified by snarling Pit Bull dogs kept by our nearest neighbor. Those doge will likely be kept inside by her breeding time next occurs.

Pippin has been neutered and is offered as a Tennessee Rex pet after Angelique's next litter is born.

Pippin's first litter with Mamagoldencurls is posted
on the February 2019 kittens page.
His next litter with Angelique is
posted on August 2019 Kitten page.
His third and final litter should be born about 5 February if all goes well. Satindelight Angelique is the mother.
We plan to keep her for future litters

Pippin has been kept as our resident Tennessee Rex Sire for three breedings, two with a domestic cats for genetic diversity and the third with a TR gene carrier.
One breeding is still pending.
His first litter was born 9 February 2019. The second on 9 August 2019. He also sired a litter that went home in utero with Mamagoldencurls to be born at her Tennessee home.

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