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This page is about our first and second queens as part of the continuing Tennessee Rex development program. Our first Tennessee Rex litter since the end of 2017 arrived on 9 February in the wee hours of the morning The story of this litter is on their own page at kittens page. .
Our first Queen named Mamagoldencurls was bred by Uppervalley Pippin about the first of December. She really had a "baby bump" for the last several weeks We have included a photograph of her the evening before she gave birth. Here is her weight chart showing a steady increase as the kittens continued to grow and then her weight loss at delivery of five kittens. Her "maternity suite" is our bedroom where we can keep an eye on mama and the babies and also have them bond not only with their mom but also with humans as they become aware of their surroundings. Managoldencurls is slowly returning to her normal weight

We handle the kittens at birth and every day. This includes weighing them daily to be sure they are growing and remain healthy. It is important to develop a bond early so they will be at ease around humans and become well socialized. Our cats are all absolutely indoor cats.

Mama is an ordinary domestic cat that traveled the neighborhood, something like a "barn cat." That is why we bred her to a full Tennessee Rex. All of her kittens are carrying the Tennessee Rex gene but will not show the TR characteristics because the gene is recessive and has to inherited from both parents in order to be expressed. What she does have is new and diverse genetic makeup, something that will strengthen the breed as we continue to work with new cats in the development of this new and spectacular curly, satin hair breed.


Angelique, a Tennessee Rex gene carrier from British Columbia, Canada.
Our second queen is here to be bred with Pippin at her next cycle. She is the pick of the litter, carries only one Tennessee Rex special gene and really shows her beauty and lovely long hair. Angelique is a red with white and has faint tabby markings. We may need to change her color to red tabby. She is about a year and a half old with four white toe socks to offset the red. A purrfect temperament, she will become a lap cat in due time. Right now she follows me around wherever I go.

Once she is with kittens she will take the place of Mamagoldencurls in our bedroom kitten nursery. By then Mama's kittens will be under foot in the rest of the house or deployed to new TR breeders. While Mama's kittens are plain house cats and show no sign of curls or satin, Angelique, being a TR carrier mated with a full Tennessee Rex will have a mix of curly hair and plain kittens. If she understands statistics, half of the kittens will be full Tennessee Rex.

I have added both Angelique and Pippin to the spreadsheet weight files. This produces a weight chart much like Mama's except both cats are included on the same chart. We present it above.

Our next chart is on Mama's kitten page and shows the weight of each kitten, updated every day as best we can.

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