Interplex: Uppervalley Breeders And The Tennessee Rex, FEBRUARY 2019 TENNESSEE REX KITTENS

Our kittens are now two months old. We have a new set of portraits posted at the end of this page.

The kittens are now allowed to explore our "upstairs" for a short time each day. As soon as they have their first shots they will be allowed to venture downstairs, doubling the cat and kitten population under foot. They have advanced to regular kibble type kitten food but I can only put it out when Mama is out of the nursery, otherwise she will finish it all off. Kittens are still nursing but are also being weaned. While they could be on their own in another week or so mom still has much to teach them before they are ready to leave.

Kittens in this litter will be available to breeders about the last week in April. We anticipate there will be one or two that will be available as household pets. While they are not curly they carry the Tennessee Rex gene from Pippin and have been raised as we raise all of our kittens to very well socialized. If you would like to have one of the kittens please contact me before 26 April at email

The kittens have thoroughly inspected the room and every nook and hiding spot. Nothing that can be moved is likely to stay where I put it but that is what two month old kittens are born to do. They really don't need toys, everything in the room is a plaything. Cat lovers frequently bring home a toy for their cat and discover the cat playing with the box that it came in rather than the toy itself.

Our latest pictures of the kittens are way down below . . .

We are removing the links to the streaming videos later this week however the videos will remain on You Tube indefinitely. . You Tube, recently acquired by Google, has now denied smart phone video on any channel that has less than 1000 members. We never expect to have more than a a tenth that number so are looking for another provider.

New to this section of the web site and the kittens we raise is You Tube video. They become stored files for watching as well as being available in real time. Here is what we have done so far with our new litter.

You can watch Mama delivering her kittens at
Just click the file name or picture below


The stream can be searched with the slider. The first few minutes includes camera setup and adjustment of her birthing site. A second three minute stream of the kittens when they were 17 hours old has been added. Just click the "-a" here -a.

First March video
Another video made on 3 March between 1500 and 1600 EST starts with the kittens nursing and then playing. Each kitten is handled for the camera. While the live stream is over, the file remains at You Tube in storage. You can watch all 50 minutes or search with the slider and just check segments. The first few minutes includes adjustment of the camera and lighting.

Just click this youtube file name to watch the video.
Our remaining You Tube Video from 16 March 2019

Mamagoldencurls kittens are now in a much larger play area and have a climbing post and other toys. Lots of room to romp and wrestle.
We set up the streaming camera to watch some action including the return of mom and then lunch and a snooze. It's all on this next youtube video
at the You Tube file name of

Mamagoldencurls' Kittens
Mamagoldencurls' Kittens
Mama's kittens
and current portraits

To aid in the health care of our kittens we weigh them daily and enter the weight on our cattery spreadsheet. If there is something that doesn't look right in their gain it raises a flag to watch for trouble. To make this data easier to visualize (a change in the day to day weight gain really stands out) the spreadsheet automatically makes a chart of their weights. The chart is posted here and usually updated daily.

All six kittens had a weight loss over the last two days.. Not sure what is going on. Could just n]be that they are spending a lot of time exploring and may have been away from their own food supply. Their activity remains super active. so we will just watch for the next two days. The amount of loss is not the same so it is unlikely an error in zeroing their weighing system.

They have regained a good part of the loss we found yesterday.
All is well. It may have been a reaction to their first vaccinations

The kittens weights are color coded and match the text in their information below.

The new two month old kitten pictures are larger.
Next are the 26 and then 15 March pictures.

A word about our temporary kitten names: We assign a sequential first letter to each litter. The last litter names all started with P. This litter is a duzy! They all have to begin with Qu. The third letter is a vowel in sequence. It got tricky with the fifth kitten, Quu... and #6 is made up. The first three kitten names are taken from Native American names.


UpperValley Quanah
Cream spotted tabby Short Hair Female

I'm calling her short hair but she may actually be closer to long hair like her dad.

This TR gene carrier kitten will be staying at UpperValley


UpperValley Quetzalli
Cream spotted tabby Short hair Male

He's the big guy in this litter even though he was the "runt" during the first few days. Guess he just had to get things rolling.

This gene carrier kitten will be going to a breeder in TICA Central Region


UpperValley Quispe
Blue Short Hair Male

My favorite -- Looks a bit like a Russian Blue but is a far cry from that breed. . This guy will be available to another Tennessee Rex breeder in about three weeks. He carries the TR gene and much needed genetic diversity.

Would like to see this gene carrier kitten paired with a full TR red female.

UpperValley Quova
Black Torbie Short Hair Female

This black tortise shell tabby has lost the dilute in the black gene and is closely colored to our Enigma, a TR from a 2007 breeding. The kittens now have access to the whole house during the day.



UpperValley Quuppa
Black Tortie Short Hair Female

She is the shy one right now, A quiet little girl Frequently she prefers to be by herself but will join in when the others are romping and chasing each other.

A very gentle kitten -- when the kittens are on my bed she is the one that likes to cuddle up against me. They have now all learned to purr.


Uppervalley Quyzer
Black Short Hair Male

He comes in second as being shy. His coat is just like Thunder Cloud's, our five year old solid black. He is a beauty in his own right and will make a great companion.

Quyzer is spoken for. and will move to his new home next week.


head shots

"You really plan to post that
awful video of mom trying to
discipline my sister, Quanah?
Quyzer laughed so hard he
fell off the bed."

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