Interplex: Uppervalley Breeders And The Tennessee Rex, February 2019 TR litter


Our Tennessee Rex litter arrived this morning, 9 February, 2019; We are preparing this page with pictures of the new kittens and a chart showing their weight gain.

4 of the 6 kittens are shown here. The photographs wee taken when they were about a half a day old.

You can watch Mama delivering her kittens at a saved You Tube stream. Sign on to and enter the following file name in the search box:

The stream lasts about two hours and can be searched.
A second three minute stream of the kittens when they were 17 hours old has been added using the same address with an -a appended.
The kittens all have their eyes open and are beginning to become alert to their visual surroundings., We are preparing to stream another video and make a new set of photographs as well as have names for each, something not the easiest when they all have to start with Qu and a vowel.
To aid in the health care of our kittens we weigh them daily and enter the weight on our cattery spreadsheet. If there is something that doesn't look right in their gain it raises a flag to watch for trouble. To make this data easier to see the spreadsheet automatically makes a chart of their weights. The chart is posted here and usually updated daily
The kittens weights are color coded and match the text in their picture and information below.

All the kittens have their eyes open now. We will post photographs of each kitten about 23 February.

Kitten UpperValley Quanah . . Cream SH F

Kitten Quetzalli . . Cream SH M

Kitten Quispe . . Blue SH M .

Kitten Quova . . Black Torbie F.

Kitten Quuppa . . Black Tortie F

Kitten Quyzer . .Black SH M
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