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During the period 2006 through 2009 we worked with the Tennessee Rex and were part of the effort to gain recognition with The International Cat Association (TICA) The breed is now classified as Registration Only with TICA

This is a cat with a curly fur that has sparkles in the hair shaft called "glitter." The two kittens that had this mutation were born on the porch of a kind gentleman that allowed a feral cat to take refuge at his home. There is a link to his web site below.

After a setback in the advancement process there is now international interest in continuing to develop the breed and move up to Preliminary New Breed status. When that is achieved we will be showing the Tennessee Rex at the TICA shows primarily in the Northeast and central US.

Information about working with this breed may be obtained through the TICA Genetics Committee or by checking the facebook pages for the TennesseeRex.

The founder's Tennessee Rex web site is at LINK . You are at the web site also known as LINK.

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