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Because of the problem of identity theft we have set the detailed recent family history sections for viewing by family members only.

There are two catteries included in this site, UpperValley and Allpurrs.

Allpurrs has been involved with Maine Coon and Siberian breeding.

UpperValley is a breeding project to continue the development of the Tennessee Rex breed and have the breed recognized by the cat fancy. This breed has now advanced to Preliminary New Breedin The International Cat Association and we have breeders in the US, Canada and Poland.

After a year recovering from chemotherapy I have resumed breeding the Tennessee Rex curly hair cats that have a satin sheen to their coats. Our first two litters will be for increasing the genetic diversity of the breed.

We will not have kittens for sale as Tennessee Rex from the first litter but may have in the following litter this coming summer. All kittens from the litter expected in February, 2019, will be carriers of the Tennessee rex special gene and be destined for other breeders. Our second litter should have about half the kitties carrying the gene from both parents and will go to breeders or persons interested in showing the cats in the TICA cat shows. Stay tuned!


If anyone is interested in joining the Tennessee Rex development project please get in touch with me or with Sandra Scarrow, our Breed Chairperson. I can furnish her email address or she can be found on our Facebook pages.

Enjoy your visit to our web site and watch for changes coming in January, 2019. come back soon!

Gordon Pugh, PE
Michael Anderson, IT Adm.

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