Our eight month old kitten has moved to a new home.
Also there is only one kitten left from our October, 2014, litters. For now the remaining kitten is being evaluated as a possible future queen for the next generation of Tennessee Rex outcrosses

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Our first four kittens are from a mating of two cats that carry the curly hair gene. The parents are part of the development project to obtain and enhance genetic diversity and have no common ancestors back as far as we can trace. The kittens have excellent diversity and are being raised just as we would a pedigreed Maine Coon or Siamese. We allow them run of the house and frequently have one or more in our laps.

Since the curly hair only results when a kitten gets the curly hair gene from both parents statistically only one in four kittens will have the curly hair. We guess that the parents did not understand this because none of them have the curly hair. All of the kittens below are no longer available. See the 2015 kittens page for our new litter. Two of the February litter will be available later this spring


Diamond SOLD
She weighed 104 grams at birth


Jellico SOLD
She weighed 90 grams at birth.


Lenoir SOLD
She also weighed 104 grams at birth


Norene SOLD
Norene weighed only 88 grams at birth.

TIGRETT's five Tennessee Rex outcrosses

They are just old enough now to move to new homes

These are the kittens that might carry one of the Tennessee Rex genes that can produce curly hair with glitter. In order to do so the gene has to be inherited from both parents. This did not happen for any kitten in the litter. They are listed as household pets and will have a registration number but could only be entered in a cat show as a household pet

They are no longer available.


Puryear female red tabby
she weighed 74 grams at birth.

She moved to central New Hampshire on November 2, 2014.


Ginger a female cream color
Fawn weighed 74 grams at birth

Laurel is one of our "queens in training." She has now moved into the adult world and has cycled once so she will placed with our proven male TR outcross when she next becomes receptive.

We're keeping this kitten.

She wasoriginally named Laurel


McMinn male red cream color
He weighed 84 grams at birth.



Orlinda a cream color point
She was the runt of the litter and had to be tube fed for several days We then switched to a nursing bottle until she was strong enough to hold her place at mom's nipples.



Viola the second cream color point
Our second cream color point
weighed 88 grams at birth

Viola is sold


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