Isabella is remaining kitten from our first litter out of Highball Sprinter, a TR gene carrier. Highball Sprinter was one of the kittens from two of the carrier Tennessee Rex adults received from Dr. Solveig Pflueger.


UpperValley Isabella

Isabella is our first full curly hair Tennessee Rex female. She was born in July 2015 and is now an adult but is still growing. She is sexually mature and we plan to breed her in early summer or send her to another Tennessee Rex breeder.

She will initially be bred to a "regular" or ordinary cat that meets the needs of the breed standard. This is to introduce new genetic diversity. Her kittens will all carry the special curly hair gene. They are called "carriers." Now when two carriers, each with diverse ancestry are mated, one in four of the kittens will statistically have curly hair genes from both parents and be full Tennessee Rex cats. This process will need to be repeated regularly until there is enough diversity in the full Tennessee Rex cats to breed them together. This process helps keep the breed healthy and viable.

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