Available CATS and KITTENS

kittens available at ALLPURRS. We do not plan to have any in the foreseeable future..

We have two adult Tennessee Rex cats available to good homes


Our retired sire, UpperValley Pippin, is a curly hair full Tennessee Rex.  He was neutered in April, 2020 and no longer behaves like a full male cat. He is very affectionate and loves being a lap cat. Since he is a full Tennessee Rex I'm asking $400 to help cover my many costs raising pedigreed kittens. More about Pippin on his own web page (click).

UpperValley Radium is a one and a half year old neutered carrier of just one of the TR genes. This is a recessive gene and it takes  two of the genes, one from each parent, to have the curls and satin. Many of the other traits of the Tennessee Rex are still there. He's about 11 pounds and solidly built, loves to try to explore what's behind every open door.  I'm asking $200 to help cover my costs of breeding this pedigreed breed. Radium has his own web page (click)

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