Actions of the Humaine $ociety of the U$

The H$U$ is an organization that has been working for many years to eliminate all pet ownership. Their CEO has stated that if there were no more litters born he would be very pleased. About 99% of the donations they solicit go to salaries and lobbying. We all wonder how they manage to keep their 501c(3) tax exempt status when half their donations are used to push their agenda through law making bodies. The agenda that these "animal rights" domestic terrorist groups pushed through the Department of Agriculture has now become law and will likely wipe out many of the high quality small breeders that strive to present the very best socialized, pedigreed pets to the public. They have been found to be a fraudulent 501(c)3 entity withe only one percent of the donations they have received going for animal welfare

For this reason the UpperValley cattery is now a breeder only cattery and will not be selling pedigreed kittens to the general public. This is also in keeping with our present goal to develop the Tennessee Rex breed into a recognized curly hair cat with glitter in the hair shaft. UpperValley is an independent breeder only operation not associated with any other pet shop type breeders. When our present outcross kittens reach breeding age they will be mated with outcross cats from other breeders. Kittens from mating of these pairs will include fully "rexed" (have the curly hair). But only a portion of the kittens will statistically carry the required gene from both parents. Other kittens that may carry just one gene will be available at a minimal cost to cover the vet care and vaccinations. These kittens will be available to loving homes and will have the same restrictions as if they were a pedigreed recognized breed. The breed should be recognized as a preliminary new breed in TICA within two years. Except for a single outcross kitten now five months old there will be no more breedable kittens available until late 2015. Please keep in touch. All the advances and setbacks in this program will be posted on this leased section or "chapter" of the multipurpose Allpurrs web site.

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