Interplex: Uppervalley Breeders And The Tennessee Rex, AUGUST 2019 Tennessee Rex Kittens

UpperValley Ralf

"Chairman" of the Board
and Chief Purring Officer

UpperValley Allpurrs Cattery

This is our first litter out of Angelique, a Tennessee Rex gene carrier from British Columbia, Canada. Her only kitten is a male by UpperValley Pippin.

In keeping with tradition his cattery name starts with R, the next letter in the alphabet following our precious "Q" litter. We maned him Ralf, a Scandinavian boy's name. He assumed the "chair" at just two and a half weeks old. He already looks like he will be a steadfast leader of the outfit.

UpperValley Ralf. Our only kitten from the Angelique breeding. His weight chart is shown here.

Ralf is a dark red long hair tabby male with straight hair. He is a Tennessee Rex gene carrier and has only one of the TR recessive genes. He will not have curly satin hair.

UpperValley Ralf at his three day old weighing
With moma Angelique watching carefully to see
that her kitten is being well cared for
Ralf's eyes are now fully open. It will be another day or two before they are really fully round and he will begin to look like a kitten Another week and he will be exploring his rather barren "nest." We regret that he will not have any siblings to play with. We are looking for a kitten to adopt as a litter mate.

Mom removed the padding in her box during the period of giving birth. We have no idea why and she refuses to let us know why. I plan to try a different kind of padding once Ralf starts exploring. The kittens begin to climb over the front barrier at about a month. Then we make a large play pen about one by two meters in size. It's not long before they will be climbing over it, too
.Angelique's first litter here at UpperValley Cattery

UpperValley Ralf, one week old

Ralf is a Tennessee Rex carrier. He is red with white socks, a bit longer than his mom has. Long straight hair since he carries only one of the recessive Tennessee Rex genes. He has a rather unique tabby pattern that we will show in the next photograph


After a challenging first day as Chairman,
Ralf is comforted by his Mom, Angelique
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