Interplex: Uppervalley Breeders And The Tennessee Rex, Our Cats and Kittens ( TICA RE)

The Tennessee Rex breed was founded by Franklin Wittenburg about ten years ago. He allowed a pregnant feral cat access to his porch to have her kittens. Two of the kittens, most likely maternal twins, were different. They had curly fur. He kept these kittens and with the help of Dr Solveig Pflueger, the head of the TICA Genetics committee and a well known geneticist, determined that the curly fur was indeed a genetic mutation. As with most of these spontaneous happenings it turned out to be recessive, meaning that the altered gene must come from both parents. Since the mother of these kittens did not have this characteristic it had to be brand new.

On September first 2013 the UpperValley Cattery "foundation" Queen gave us our first litter of TR kittens.

We have had three litters in 2015 from outcross parents resulting in four curly hair Tennessee Rex kittens. Two are long hair and two are short hair All are red but one is also with white.

The development of the Tennessee Rex here in Vermont has been moved to an old cattery that was founded back in about 1992. The breed will no longer be part of Allpurrs even though this web site will continue to support the web appearance. This page has moved to be included in a new (click>>)Tennessee Rex UpperValley chapter where there is updated information including our first litter of kittens carrying the gene.
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